This page contains links to representative work products and my curriculum vitae. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like more information.

University of Findlay Work Products


Defiance College Work Products

Defiance Memory digital archive
I created the initial information architecture for the digital archive Memory. I provided technical guidance to the Metadata and Archives Librarian regarding digitization and loading files to DSpace.

Hiring an Instruction Librarian
There were two MLIS degree holding positions when I started as the library director at Defiance College, a Reference Librarian and an Associate Librarian for Technical Services (now Metadata and Archives Librarian). When the Reference Librarian position became vacant, I transitioned that MLIS degree holding position into an Instruction Librarian. This decision was based on a general education curricular change that included information literacy instruction in a three semester sequence of writing courses.

Learning Commons Project and Academic Resource Center Integration
Development of a learning commons was the major project assigned by the Provost when I started as library director in October 2008.

  • Interior photographs of the library before the learning commons project.
  • Successful application that I wrote for a Defiance contingent to attend the 2009 CIC Learning Spaces and Technology Workshop.
  • Justification for a learning commons that I wrote for the campus technology task force.
  • Vision slide deck I created to communicate the learning commons concept to faculty and staff at a joint meeting and to members of the Board of Trustees.
  • Gannt Chart  showing critical path work to open up the floor space and re-position library and McMaster School staff to better provide service to students and faculty.
  • Photographs documenting the transformation of a portion of the first floor into a new collaborative work space during the spring and summer of 2009.
  • Rationale I wrote for integrating the administration of the Academic Resource Center into the Library after the former Director left for another position.
  • Learning Commons Manager position description I wrote.

LibGuides Implementation
Defiance College began using the LibGuides in August 2010. Prior to this time, subject guides were maintained on the library’s website. The decision to move to LibGuides was based on the ability for multiple authors to easily create guides and the OPAL consortium had subscribed for all members. I designed our initial LibGuide layout and modified the underlying CSS files in collaboration with the Instruction Librarian. I believe LibGuides to be very useful. We have received many positive comments from students and faculty over the past two years. Our LibGuides are also heavily used:

  • 2010: 19,695 hits (first guides created in mid-July)
  • 2011: 39,566 hits
  • 2012: 9,228 hits (as of March 16, 2012)

Sample LibGuides that I have created to use as part of an instruction session with a class are listed below.

Social Media
I firmly believe that academic libraries need to have a social media presence. These sites are free and easy ways to communicate with students and staff. Below are links to the social media accounts I have created and to the Facebook account initially created by my Instruction Librarian. I set the tone and direction for how our social media presences should be used.

  • Pilgrim Library’s Progress was started in January 2009 along with the launch of the redesigned website.
  • @PilgrimLibrary Twitter account is used to populate the Be Informed content box on the library’s website.
  • DC Pilgrim Library Facebook account is used to communicate a variety of information to students and faculty.
  • Defiance College Pilgrim Library Google+ account is our latest social media presence, created in early 2012.
  • Pilgrim Library on Foursquare has not taken off as originally anticipated. Smartphone penetration on campus was not substantial when Foursquare was more popular.

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