Lead in ways you never dreamed possible

marchFIRST blue business cardHappy marchFIRST!

marchFIRST was an internet consulting company that rode the dot.com tidal wave until it crashed along with the dot.com bubble of 2000-2001. It was the merged entity of Whittman Hart and US Web/CKS. It was so named because the merger closed on…March 1…how clever.

My tenure at marchFIRST’s Pittsburgh office was very short.  I was in the third round of layoffs at the end of January 2001. On the bright side I did get a decent severance package and plenty of pretty business cards to use as bookmarks for the rest of my life.

How are you leading in ways you never dreamed possible? 

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This is my resolution for 2014.

Week in the life of a small academic library director

I've enjoyed reading the various Library Day in the Life posts this week. I thought I would add my two cents, but in different format. Instead of a single day, here is an overview of my entire week. I will probably attempt the actual day in the life post once the semester gets into swing. That's when my life is most interesting. Summers are a hodgepodge of boring back office stuff.


  • Updated information about new MLA and APA styles on web site
  • Installed new barcode wand on first circulation computer and replaced the broken cord on the barcode wand on the second circulation computer
  • Met with Physical Plant Director about roof leak
  • Began to write staff performance appraisals
  • Notified everyone working in the building of the problem with the A/C chiller and Physical Plant's timeframe for the fix
  • Wrote narrative describing library resources supporting the athletic training curriculum as part of a self-study team for program re-accreditation


  • Updated content on athletic training subject guide on web site
  • Posted draft minutes of RUSA Reference Services Section's Web Advisory Committee to ALA Connect and emailed to appropriate RSS folks
  • Sent email welcoming new member who has agreed to join RUSA MARS Local Systems & Services
  • Posted draft minutes of Local Systems & Services Committee to ALA Connect and emailed to new member not yet in the system
  • Created a planning document in ALA Connect for our discussion forum on the local customization and evaluation of discovery services to be held at Midwinter in Boston
  • Ran a wide variety of reports on circulation statistics of unbound and bound journals
  • Met with Director of Academic Resource Center to learn about the positive changes being made to the football study tables that are held in the library during fall semester
  • Re-iterated my philosophy that "fear of theft" is not a criterion for collection development


  • Signed authorizations for bill payment and entered amounts into my budget tracking spreadsheet.
  • Continued to write performance appraisals
  • Met with faculty member coordinating the last class in our Arts & Humanities sequence to refine library instruction objectives from last semester
  • Reviewed the final details of the DVD relocation and reclassification (from Dewey to LC) project
  • Reviewed existing processing workflow of serials and the long standing circulation policy of serials (Circ stats are low, time investment in front/backend processing is high, rationale for circulating is no longer valid in my opinion..again fear of theft and cutting.)
  • Met with Computer Services staff to learn what network services will still be available to the second year (were DC now are Northwest State) students in our 1+2+1 nursing program with Northwest State Community College 


  • Met with circulation supervisor and A/V coordinator to plan for student worker needs for coming academic year and talk about potential for cross-training students to work circulation and A/V tech support
  • Reviewed existing loan rules, loan rule limiter table, and what authorizations our students have in Millennium with circulation supervisor in order to submit a request to OPAL Help to enact the policy change to no longer circulate serials
  • Met with faculty member coordinating Master of Arts in Education graduate program to finalize process for loading theses into the OhioLINK Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Center
  • Created authorization form and letter to be sent to targeted past graduates to obtain permission to digitize their theses to load into the ETD Center
  • Emailed and then talked on the phone with the Assistant Dean for Adult and Graduate Programs to initiate process with OhioLINK for Defiance College to join the ETD Center


  • Reviewed our current statistics of missing items and discussed the "search for missing item process" with circulation supervisor
  • Walked the stacks for 15 minutes and found six of the missing books (go me!)
  • Learned via email that I chose wisely during database funding reconstruction. The Library will be paying a larger percentage than in the past, but our students and faculty will still have access to specific discipline databases. 
  • Exchanged emails with OhioLINK about our request to join the ETD Center
  • Met with circulation supervisor about student worker evaluation process
  • Continued to write staff performance appraisals
  • Submitted request to OPAL Help to make necessary changes to specific loan rules to enact our policy change of making serials non-circulating