My first Eclectic Radio show for Fall 2007 is this Sunday

Yeah, I know I keep saying I will post soon. The first month of the semester is always busy with First Year Seminar instruction. I've also begun my new assignment as interim web coordinator for  So…I'm a bit busy at the moment.

However, I wanted to alert those in the greater WMCO listening area that I have my first Eclectic Radio show of the semester this Sunday night from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. I will be playing some of my favorite dance and techno tracks that I discovered over the summer. I don't have all of the songs picked out yet, but here is a partial play list:

  • Complicated 3speakerhigh Extended Mix featuring Sabrina Gardner by Fiore and Inzerillo 
  • Automatic by Ultra Nate 
  • Break My Fall by Tiesto featuring BT
  • Do You Feel Me by Tiesto featuring Julie Thompson
  • Sweet Things by Tiesto featuring Charlotte Martin
  • In the Dark by Maxi Jazz and Christian Burns
  • Carry Me Away (Original Club Mix) by Chris Lake featuring Emma Hewitt 
  • Cry for You (Extended Mix) by September
  • Little Bird (Utah Saintsremix Edit) by Annie Lennox

I'm planning on picking up the 80's gauntlet thrown by the Faculty Executive Secretary in his remarks during Fall Faculty Conference. I'm going to have to see if I can find my Katrina and the Waves CD this weekend. So, take this post as your advance warning Todd! Cool I'm thinking that my other show this semester will be some more tribal chant (e.g. Enigma and Deep Forest).

I will probably be walking on sunshine at work on Friday. My calendar for week three has been jam packed with instruction, meetings, and getting a handle on the web site.

More on SimCity Societies

Sounds like Maxis is not going to be the developer for SimCity Societies and the new game is not going to be "a realistic urban simulation". Bummer. CVG has the details. Found via Zonk's post on Slashdot.

New SimCity Coming

Joystiq has the scoop. EA has confirmed that a new SimCity (working title SimCity Societies) is coming later this year.