Weeding+Reference Changes+Kitchen Demolition=Busy July

I've Taking down a set of shelves in referencebeen busy this month. I just haven't been blogging. I plan on writing more about some of the bigger projects soon. Here are the highlights…

  • Reactive weeding and shifting in our reference collection to eliminate a row of shelves to make more room at the computers.
  • Withdrawing those weeded reference books from our catalog.
  • Selecting books in the juvenile collection for weeding after education faculty confirmation.
  • Second dumpsterAdding a "Book Quick Search" to go with the existing "Article Quick Search" on the library's web site.
  • Adding a MeeboMe widget to the library's web site.
  • Decommissioning the Reference Desk in prep for a combined Service Desk at our existing Circulation Desk at the start of Fall term. (How many times can I say desk in one run-on sentence? If you answered three you are correct.)
  • Getting ready to switch offices with Brian in two weeks.
  • Getting ready for the OPAL conference.
  • I found a brick floor!Finalizing the changes of the redesign of the OPAL catalog.
  • Tearing out the kitchen at home. This is the last room to be redone since we started working on the house in July 2004.
  • Finding a brick floor in this greenhouse/stall/thing attached to the garage that was full of junk when we bought the house.
  • Going to the farm to see my mom and sister who was on vacation for a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned for more details. I may also share the fun as we begin our final descent towards the first day of classes…only four weeks for those last minute projects! 

BBC America made my day

Oh how times have changed. When I was a growing up, network programming sucked in the summer. This is not the case with cable in 2007.

I was already anticipating the new season of The 4400 . I can now get ready to set the DVR for new (to the US) seasons of Footballers Wive$ (with Joan Collins), MI-5, and Hex.  Now, if we could just convince the BBC to show Torchwood on this side of the Atlantic.

Where did May go?

Mulch May went by way to fast. I suppose two weeks of vacation helped move things along.

I spent my first week of vacation back at the beginning of May working on outside projects. I scraped paint. I mulched. I also did a day trip to the 'burgh to visit some friends and see the old houses.

Second house in PittsburghI hadn't been to Pittsburgh proper since we moved to Ohio. It was kind of sad visiting the old neighborhood.  It also doesn't help that Trader Joe's is now in East Liberty.  Wal-Mart just doesn't cut it. Oh great and benevolent Target site selectors, please build a store in Zanesville! Oh, and thank you Chipotle site selectors! We love your burrito goodness.

I spent a lot of time at work in the middle of the month extracting holdings data for specific publishers from our shared catalog. I wrote a proposal identifying a couple of ways to allocate cost shares for e-book collections. My preference is to follow the OhioLINK formula since that is how OPAL's share was derived, but the directors need to make the final call on how we are going to split our share of the costs.

FarmI'm enjoying the remaining hours of my second week of vacation. I spent most of this last week at the farm. I went up on May 26 and came back late this past week to attend an OhioLINK meeting on Friday. Yeah, I know, lame to do a meeting during vacation. I still have a couple more days to use before the end of June. We're under the "use em or lose em" policy at "Fish with Teeth Grrr" College. 

I wonder how fast June will go? ECSTI students tend to keep us busy. My trip to DC for ALA Annual will also make time fly.