ODCE 2006

I'm long overdue sharing what I learned at ODCE 2006. I only attended one day this year, March 7. This is a very good conference that brings together faculty, librarians, and instructional technologists from Ohio and some neighboring states. 

The sessions I went to this year ended up having a theme, problem based learning:

  • Convergence of the Library and Freshmen Experience: Instructional Collaboration and the Online Environment
  • Modules and Online Instructional Design Promote Problem-Based Learning
  • Spinning Hay into Gold: Moving from Information to Scholarship
  • Developing Engaging Learning Units with PBL Templates
  • Continued Discussion of "Meeting Generation NeXt: Today's Postmodern College Student

Many of the presentations from the two days have been added to the ODCE web site. They have also created a conference blog.

I’m back…

I wasn't gone, but I have been neglecting this blog. I did find time to upgrade to WordPress 2.0.1 and then 2.0.2 in the past couple of months…

Work has been busy as usual. In addition to the normal instruction and reference tasks I have been spending a lot of time on collection management activities.  I represent the Library as a voting member on the Curriculum Committee. We've been discussing two new academic program proposals since September. Both programs received faculty support at last Friday's meeting.  So, we're on our way to add multimedia design and engineering to our slate of offerings. I've been spending a lot of time looking at potential resources that would support these two programs.

I've also been spending time on selecting books for our juvenile collection and our education collection.  We don't use an approval plan…so we have to select the old fashioned way. The other reference librarian has been busy weeding our reference collection.  I've been reviewing what she is deselecting and withdrawing the titles from our catalog.

I've also been busy at home. We finally finished the two guest bedrooms upstairs and have all the furniture back where it's suppose to be. That completes the entire renovation of the upstairs.  We're now working downstairs.  The room we were using as a family room is our current project. We're currently painting. It's going to become the dining room when we're done. We will hopefully be done renovating our 106 year old house this Fall. The kitchen is going to be the big projet on the first floor.

When we're done, we will have all new electric (replacing a lot of knob and tube), insulated external walls, new windows, new plumbing…basically a new house on the inside with Victorian stylings.