It’s a good thing, or so says Martha.

I have dropped the library+instruction+technology as the title of this blog. I am now using my name. I should have made this switch a long time ago. The time is right, since I am making some changes to my server and also not doing as much library instruction. 

Another change I should have made awhile back was to make my blog the default when visiting I realize this will break some links at “The Google,” but I’m not concerned. Google will eventually catch up and I will rely on the intellectual curiosity of site visitors pointed here by Google to figure it it out if they run into a 404.

My goal is to write more in 2011. Place your bets now. I had high hopes for 2010. I believe enough time has passed and I can now start reflecting, in a generalized way, about my transition to academic library director. I walked into a challenging situation and have had some success in making positive change in the last two years.

One thought on “Rebranding”

  1. Change is almost always good, especially if it requires playing with WordPress. BTW, I really like that your shirt matches your header. 😉

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