Reference/Instruction Librarian Position at Muskingum University

My former place of work is hiring an entry level Reference/Instruction Librarian. I enjoyed my time at Muskingum. The faculty are awesome to work with in and out of the classroom. The library staff are very active on OPAL and OhioLINK committees. Southeast Ohio is a great place to live if you enjoy outdoor activities and want to experience all four seasons. New Concord is about an hour and half from Columbus and two hours from Cleveland and Pittsburgh. 

Passwords and Bookmarks

Two events in Mid-December forced me to change the way I interacted with passwords and bookmarks. I started using LastPass after the the Gawker hacking. I didn’t have an account there, but the password theft  pointed out the vulnerability in my previous password practices. I splurged and went Premium to have access on my phone. I think it was well worth $12.  I also switched to Pinboard after the Yahoo/Delicious brouhaha. I killed my Delicious account in mid-January. 

And now for something completely different, 7BF2AMYNQXNF. Yep, you guessed correctly. I’m claiming/reclaiming my blog with that short code.  



It’s a good thing, or so says Martha.

I have dropped the library+instruction+technology as the title of this blog. I am now using my name. I should have made this switch a long time ago. The time is right, since I am making some changes to my server and also not doing as much library instruction. 

Another change I should have made awhile back was to make my blog the default when visiting I realize this will break some links at “The Google,” but I’m not concerned. Google will eventually catch up and I will rely on the intellectual curiosity of site visitors pointed here by Google to figure it it out if they run into a 404.

My goal is to write more in 2011. Place your bets now. I had high hopes for 2010. I believe enough time has passed and I can now start reflecting, in a generalized way, about my transition to academic library director. I walked into a challenging situation and have had some success in making positive change in the last two years.