LOEX: Revamping a freshman seminar information literacy program

Amanda Izenstark and Mary MacDonald from the University of Rhode Island discussed how they revamped the library component of their university's First Year Seminar program. They have been doing FYS since 1995. FYS student mentors were not enthusiastic when bringing groups to the library. Content was stale. Librarians felt in a rut. They experienced a large number of cancellations. This prompted them to review their program and decided to make it more interactive for students. They also wanted to include a tutorial as part of program to focus on key information literacy concepts.

They used the backward design model from Making the most of understanding by deign and Debra Gilchrist's five questions (see their PowerPoint slides) to envision the revised program. Their new program included a pre-activity, library visit, and post-activity. They deemed the redesign a success, but decided to modify it based on student feedback. 

Detailed information can be found in their PowerPoint slides.

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