LOEX: Constructing a Three Credit Hour Information Literacy Course

Anne Pemberton and Rachel Radom from University of North Carolina Wilmington shared their experience in creating and teaching a three credit hour course. The development of this course came out of a request from the computer science department. The Library had (and still) teaches two different one credit hour courses. 

Anne described the initial discussion by the Library staff and the pros/cons of the course having a library (LIB) designation in the course catalog. Anne listed some of the challenges the Library faced getting the course approved by the University's Curriculum Committee. She suggested talking to members of the committee before bringing the course proposal to identify questions early enough to get answers. 

Some ideas given during the presentation that I will probably integrated into the two credit hour course I teach:

  • Structure assignment grades so that students with an A don't have to take a final (or do the final project in my class). 
  • Assign students to take notes and post them on a wiki or blog. Have students review the notes at the start of the next class and make changes.
  • Promote the course on the Library's web site.

Anne posted their PowerPoint slides (4.6 MB) and recommended reviewing her LIB 103 class blog for syllabus and assignment examples. Rachel also has her LIB103 syllabus and assignment online if you are interested.

I was glad I attended this session even though I've been teaching a two credit hour course for the past three years. My biggest challenge (frustration?) teaching the course is getting students to turn in assignments. It was reassuring to hear that others have experience many of the same challenges.

Feel free to take a look at what I used for our Library Research Methods course for this past Fall semester. You may also want to look at the modified syllabus for Spring.  

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