Google volunteers “weed the shelves”?

I about spit out a mouthful of coffee as I was reading Lorcan Dempsey's blog this morning. Lorcan highlights the last paragraph of Nicholas Carr's post, Data center porn. Nicholas's post is reporting on Information Week's editor John Foley's visit to Google's new data center in The Dalles, Oregon.

This is what almost caused the spit take…

Patchett [the data center manager] goes on to describe the many community-service projects that Google employees are involved in around The Dalles, from wiring an outdoor stage to lending IT support to the fire department. One activity, though, strikes me as slightly troubling: "Google volunteers also 'weed the shelves' at the library every couple of weeks."

I never knew that working for Google auto-magically makes a person qualified to weed a library's collection. 

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