RSS Open House

Saturday morning found me at the Hotel Washington around 8 a.m. for the RSS Open House. I personally want to thank Emerald for the coffee. I needed it…badly! 

For those of you not consuming ALA alphabet soup by the 55 gallon drum…RSS is the abbreviation for the Reference Services Section, which is part of RUSA (Reference and User Services Association). The Open House is open to anyone and is a great way to get an idea on what has been happening in RSS. Every committee and discussion group chair were given a few minutes to provide an update on what they have been working on this year. 

Following the open house, I participated in an unofficial Web Advisory committee meeting. This is a new RSS committee that is charged with advising the RSS web master on the content and design of the section's web site. I volunteered to serve on the committee and my term didn't officially start until after the end of ALA. Our first official meeting will be at Midwinter in January. Right now we're trying to identify content gaps and also keep on eye on the proposed ALA redesign to see how that will impact the section's web site.

Take a look at the proposed ALA web site wireframes and give ALA some feedback.

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