Using Firefox Extensions to Reveal Library Holdings (Cyber Zed Shed)

Priscilla Finley from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas showed us how to leverage some cool Firefox extensions. She first showed us how to create a search plug-in that allows users to search the OPAC from Firefox's toolbar search box. It's pretty easy to do, since most OPAC predictable URLs. She next talked about Jon Udell's LibraryLookup  bookmarklet generator and using Greasemonkey and Userscripts to get catalog data to appear on web pages where ISBNs are displayed. PALINET has posted an interview with Priscilla (deep link to MP3).

I created a Sherlock search plug-in for Firefox back in October 2005. It doesn't work anymore and I've never updated it. This Zed Shed brought put it back on the to do list. I'm not sure how many of our students or faculty used the plug-in. I know most of the librarians had installed it on their computers.

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