Michael Eric Dyson’s Keynote

I found Dr. Dyson's opening keynote at ACRL 2007 to be very engaging. His talk was part lecture, part sermon, and part rap performance. He praised librarians for the work we do with literacy and providing access to knowledge and information in support of our democracy. He challenged everyone (including Bill Cosby) to overcome our prejudices of hip-hop and our students' use of hip-hop as a way of communicating.

There has been some discussion by other bloggers about the political aspect of Dr. Dyson's speech. I wasn't offended, but I could understand how someone with strong conservative views would not have liked parts of his keynote. I was very intrigued by some of the audience's questions. Laurie Bridges has a good post on the "Who is your God?" question.

I borrowed Dr. Dyson's latest book, Debating Race with Michael Eric Dyson, today from my public library.

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  1. Andrew, Thanks for the comments. I’ve heard the same thing about his sermon style from those at my library who went. I’ll have to ask more about his message and what it means for our library, as our campus deals with some recent racial issues.


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