Last Day, Aries 42’s. Year of the College, 170. Finals Begin.

Today is the last day of classes. This year went by way to fast. I just finished working on my annual report in preparation for my performance evaluation next Monday.  Here are some fun teaching facts:

  • Taught a two credit hour library research method course during Fall semester.
  • Taught 20 first year seminar groups (263 first year and transfer students) using a kinesthetic learning activity during the first three weeks of Fall semester.
  • Taught 497 students in 32 courses using modified problem based learning scenarios.
  • Provided over 430 hours of traditional reference service at our desk.
  • Provided 37 hours of statewide virtual reference service.

One thought on “Last Day, Aries 42’s. Year of the College, 170. Finals Begin.”

  1. Congrats… now I’ve got to add up my stats just to see how I compare. Competition is a bear.

    Again, congrats on another semester and good luck on the annual review.

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