Gaming Conferences this Summer

If you are really into gaming and libraries there are two conferences you might be interested in attending this summer. I will not be attending either…no more college fundage…paying own way to ALA in DC…kitchen is the last room to be remodeled this summer…you get the idea. However, Paul is going to one or both and I'm sure he'll share.

ALA TechSource is sponsoring the first annual (read new revenue stream) Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium on July 22-23 in Chicago.  Registration is open. I think the price is too high ($300), but hey you get a copy of Jenny's book and fun finger food/refreshments. James Paul Gee is one of the keynote speakers. The sessions looks interesting. There are some focused on the use of gaming for teaching information literacy concepts. However,  I don't believe that an individual library can realistically develop a full blown interactive game on their own. Paul has the fire. Someone with the deep pockets should fund him (hint hint). Then we can all reap the benefits.

During an email exchange, Paul alerted me to the third annual Games, Learning & Society conference being held in Madison on July 12-13. Registration is open and will set you back $295 if you register before May 31. James Gee is again a keynote speaker. This conference may be a bit more cerebral, but would still be of interest to librarians interested in gaming and learning.

The GLS Conference fosters substantive discussion and collaboration among academics, designers, and educators interested in how game technologies – commercial games and others – can enhance learning, culture, and education. Speakers, discussion groups, and interactive workshops will focus on game design, game culture, and games’ potential for learning.

If you go to either conference, I encourage you to share what you heard and learned. Do you know of other gaming conferences happening this summer?

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  1. “Paul has the fire.”

    Wow. Thanks, you just made my week. I’m meeting with my college’s VPAA tomorrow so I hope you don’t mind if I quote you.

    Seriously though – thanks. We are all in this together.

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