Waiting for 1 p.m. EST

I'm not going to LOEX this year. I've never been to San Diego, so it would have been a new place for me to visit. I'm spending my conference money on ACRL and maybe ALA Annual.

I just checked the LOEX conference web site and see that registration is full. I've been one of the hundreds hovering over a keyboard in the past on a Friday afternoon in February. If you didn't register when the bell tolled exactly 1 p.m. you were out of luck. Okay, I think last year there was a 16 minute window before the conference was full and the waiting list began. I know a couple of people that were on the list and still able to attend the conference. If you haven't already registered…you may still be in luck.

If you are going to San Diego, make sure to blog about the sessions you attend. I've found LOEX to be a very practical library conference. I come back to work with a lot of great ideas. Feel free to read about the sessions I've attended in the past.

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