You get what you pay for…

I normally buy books from Amazon and usually buy enough to qualify for the SuperSaver shipping rate. I wanted to buy Chris Anderson's The Long Tail and thought I would give a whirl since they only charge $0.97 to ship one book.

I probably would not use WalMart again in the future. I placed the order on July 11. They collected my payment on July 12. The book arrived today…July 25. Looks like it came "Parcel Select" from Florida. The USPS web site defines parcel select as "the Postal Service's ground, package-delivery product designed for medium-to-large shippers that transport their packages to destinating Postal Service facilities." <sarcasm>I guess they had to pick the books up in a wharehouse in California and then drive them back to Florida to a "destinating Postal Service facility."</sarcasm>

Ironically in the 2 week time-frame of placing the order and receiving the book from, I ordered CDs (Alice DeeJay and QaF Season 4 and 5) from Amazon. The Amazon SuperSaver order came in 4 days.

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