Using Flickr as an outreach tool

I created a Flickr photostream for the Library a week and a half ago. I've added a flash based Flickr photo badge to the library's blog. I also have listed it with our other RSS feeds . I got the idea to try this out after reading several of Michael Stephens's (Tame the Web) posts on the use of various social software tools in mostly public libraries.

The University of Winnipeg Library is using a flash Flickr badge on their web site as a virtual library tour. I haven't seen or found many academic libraries publishing a Flickr photostream. I think Flickr is a great and cheap (unless you want to upload a lot of photos in a month) way to get students and faculty more aware of what is going on in the Library even if they don't come to the building. We need to use more visual images on our web sites to show what we are doing and to reach those who have a preference for visual learning (like the Millennials).

Update 8:30 p.m.: There are lots of library accounts on Flickr.  How many of them actually link their Flickr photostreams back to their home page?

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