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Marv K. has launched LibVive, a library news podcast service. I listened to the first installment this morning. The quality of the podcast is excellent and the stories are current.

Library 2.0 Idea Generator

Check out Dave Pattern's Library 2.0 Idea Generator (discovered at TTW). Check it out for a chuckle or two or three or four!

My favorites so far…

  • embed metadata and reclassify your books by the colour of their spine
  • redefine the OPAC with comfy chairs & coffee
  • podcast about communities of interest just to annoy Michael Gorman
  • read about communities of interest and call it a "Rich User Experience"
  • convert Walt Crawford and become a billionaire

“Digital natives” ability to evaluate information…not good

File this one under "yikes"! I just read the Findings for Today's Students: Digital Illiteracy post over on A study by ETS of 10,000 college and high school students found that "half could not correctly judge which on-line database was the most objective, reliable and timely." The complete article can be found at the Ft. Worth/Dallas Star-Telegram.