Using Scenarios to Teach Undergraduates About Copyright, Fair Use, & Plagiarism

Susan Ariew and Heather Runyan from the University of South Florida gave an excellent presentation on how to teach information ethics to students. They have developed a set of scenarios that most college students would find themselves dealing with in the classroom or the dorm room.

The students are divided into groups. They are given a scenario to read and then asked what the problem is and how it could have been avoided. The groups are asked to present their findings to the class. Susan then uses PowerPoint slides with background information on each scenario giving background information and teaching the students how to avoid getting into trouble.

Scenarios were developed for plagiarism, copyright, and more than one on fair use of different types of media. They also created a list of readings and background information on intellectual property rights issues.

During the session they had us go through the exercise. It was very interesting to hear the other groups describe how they thought the student's would answer the questions.  This is something I would like to try this Fall in my Library Research Methods course.  

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