Let the Games Begin! Changing Our Instruction to Reach Millennials

Bee Gallegos and Karen Grondin from Arizona State University at the West campus presented on how they are using gaming to engage students. They have used a couple of different gaming techniques.

Fletcher's Great Library Race, was one of the first game based activities they created. This game is an exploration activity designed to acquaint students with the physical arrangement of the building. The game is loosely based on The Amazing Race. Students are divided into teams and assigned roles. They were given a clue and then had to go to different areas to find additional clues. They could ask for help at service desks. The first team to collect all the clues, return, and solve the puzzle was the winner. 

Race Through the Library, is the current game that they are using and improving. This game is board based and used in an instruction classroom with English classes. Students move game pieces through the board by rolling dice and correctly answering questions about the library and the research process.

They are currently developing an online video game .  

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