LOEX 2006

I'm looking forward to this year's LOEX conference in a couple of weeks. I've read through the presentation descriptions and have identified the breakout sessions I want to attend. I hope that there aren't many conflicts. The sessions I am most interested in attending:

  • Effective Methods for Incorporating Problem-Based Learning into Library Instruction
  • Finding Your Inner Gamer: Adapting Instruction for Digital Natives
  • Is Google God? How do students look for information today?
  • How They Learn/How You Teach: Building Library Instruction Sessiosn for Multiple Learners
  • Let the Games Begin! Changing Our Instruction to Reach Millennials
  • Assessing the Foundation
  • Creating Avenues: Partnerships in a Changing Library Environment
  • Using Scenarios to Teach Undergraduates About Copyright, Fair Use, & Plagiarism
  • Creativity & Personalization: Freshman Orientation for the Millennial Generation

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