ODCE: Postmodern Pedagogy by Mark Taylor

The last session of the day was the continued discussion with the keynote speaker Dr. Mark Taylor. During lunch Dr. Taylor gave an excellent presentation on the Millennials. He spoke about the generational cycles and what is assumed and true about the habits of the current generation of college students.

He continued his earlier discussion by focusing on the need to change to a pedagogy of engagement, activity, and options. Instructors continue to use classic teaching methods (e.g. lectures), which don't engage post-modern learners. His pedagogy of engagement is based on information/knowledge/content, application/skills/utilities, and meaning/value/caring. You have to start with information, show the application, then help the learner connect it to other experiences for meaning.

Class time is to valuable to teach information that can be easily found elsewhere. It is more important to relate knowledge to student's experiences and must show practicality.

He stressed the need for instructors to obligate the learner to come prepared to class and then class time can be spent on application and meaning. Instructors should also articulate their expectations of engagement, preparation, and participation.

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