ODCE: Developing Engaging Learning Units with PBL Templates

Dr. Dave Dalton from Kent State University presented the fourth session that I attended. His presentation was very detailed. The presentation covered PBL basics, talked about how to create a problem, how to use it in the classroom, and how to assess learning.

He focused the majority of his time talking about the various model units that have been developed. He gave examples in math, science, language arts, social studies, and fine arts. His examples are from the K-12 setting. Most could be modified for use in a college classroom. He recommended two of Ann Lambros's books, Problem-based learning in middle and high school classrooms : a teacher's guide to implementation and Problem-based learning in K-8 classrooms : a teacher's guide to implementation.

He is developing a databases of PBL templates which will eventually be available on the instructional technology web site at Kent State. 

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