ODCE 2006

I'm long overdue sharing what I learned at ODCE 2006. I only attended one day this year, March 7. This is a very good conference that brings together faculty, librarians, and instructional technologists from Ohio and some neighboring states. 

The sessions I went to this year ended up having a theme, problem based learning:

  • Convergence of the Library and Freshmen Experience: Instructional Collaboration and the Online Environment
  • Modules and Online Instructional Design Promote Problem-Based Learning
  • Spinning Hay into Gold: Moving from Information to Scholarship
  • Developing Engaging Learning Units with PBL Templates
  • Continued Discussion of "Meeting Generation NeXt: Today's Postmodern College Student

Many of the presentations from the two days have been added to the ODCE web site. They have also created a conference blog.

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