ODCE: Convergence of the Library and Freshmen Experience: Instructional Collaboration and the Online Environment

Dr. Christina Bonner, Reference & Instructional Services Librarian at Ohio Dominican University Library presented the first session I attended. Christina described how they have developed an online information literacy and library orientation module that is used by their first year instructors as part of their seminars. The module includes a virtual library tour and four sub-modules that cover library research. The sub-modules include auto-graded quizzes.

The primary issues that came up during this project included: major time commitment, expectations of this module…not designed to replace face-to-face instruction, coordinating communication among all invovled, instructors having varying comfort levels with course management system, and gaining full participation by the first year instructors. Christina involved those in attendance by trying to think about the different roles a librarian might play in a similar project.

I sat next to Christina during lunch and had a chance to ask her about how they did first year library orientation and instruction prior to this online module. She indicated that they use to have an opportunity to meet with the students twice, but that number had recently been reduced to a single visit and they were trying to figure out how to fit everything in.  I told her we were in the same position here at Muskingum and we're still trying to find a better way to get the first years comfortable with the physical layout of the library as well as get them prepared for finding, evaluating, and using information effectively. 

Christina's slides, course syllabus , and selected reading list are mounted on the ODCE site.

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