Authentic Assessment in Library Instruction

Michael Lorenzen over at The Information Literacy Land of Confusion posted on authentic assessment a couple of months ago. I have been thinking about his post and trying to come up with some ideas of how to integrate authentic assessment into our library instruction program. I’m writing about this to keep it in my mind and also because I have been keeping his post “new” in Bloglines and doing some house cleaning.

I did an in-depth session with our Senior History majors at the beginning of the semester. The History department is revamping how they are doing their own assessment. I know they had the students fill out a pre-library instruction survey and then they are going to go back and evaluate their senior research papers to see how they did. In my mind this falls into the authentic assessment category. However, I would still like to come up with some workable ideas for assessing the effectiveness of those one-shots.

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