Another journal to read/skim

I know, you barely have enough time to read/browse/scan library literature and here I am suggesting another journal to add to your reading list…

I have been sifting around on Google looking for good resources for problem based learning and informatoin literacy or library instruction. I stumbled on to the referral to the journal New Directions for Teaching and Learning (ISSN: 0271-0633) on the Samford University’s problem based learning web site.

I haven’t had much time to do more than skim through the table of contents on-line, but some of the articles look very interesting. For those of you at OhioLINK institutions, we get this journal in the EJC from 1997 to the present.

Find the right RSS reader for you…

I jumped into the blog world after the ODCE conference at the beginning of this month. I did a Google search to see what RSS readers were out there. I downloaded and installed Awasu on my laptop. It’s nice, but I knew that I didn’t want to use another application all the time. So, I have been keeping up to date by using Bloglines. The web site RSS Info has put together a list of recommended RSS readers.

What is RSS?

Allen Reichert and Jane Wu distributed a nice bibliography when they gave their “Promoting Your Library by Using Technolgy-Wise E-Marketing Tools” at the ODCE conference. One of the articles they listed is a nice introduction to RSS in non technical lanuage. Steven M. Cohen published RSS For Non-Techie Librarians back in June 2002. It’s a nice introduction to the basics of RSS and how it can be useful to librarians.